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Our thought-provoking programs support students to make better sense of their world by offering them the opportunity to connect with other students around the world, explore important global topics and develop, practice and demonstrate the skills and knowledge they need for life and work in the 21st century.

Designed to be challenging, collaborative and inquiry-based, Inspiral programs encourage students to ask questions, explore different perspectives, express their own opinions and reflect on their learning in class and with their international peers.

Teachers are enabled with comprehensive lesson plans on a secure tech platform to take their students on a global learning experience from the comfort of their classroom.  Our programs are blended and hybrid learning ready to support today’s teaching challenges.

About Inspiral Education

Inspiral Education is dedicated to helping young people better prepare for an uncertain world.  Our programs help improve their global competencies and sense of global citizenship by connecting students to learn and make sense of their world together.

Our 2020/2021 programs have been designed specifically for IB Middle Year Programme students, and offer teachers a hybrid-ready, fully supported solution to deliver high quality Interdisciplinary Units of learning.

Our private and secure platform provides a moderated space for students to safely discuss provocative topics as they progress through a carefully designed sequence of activities and discussions linked to MYP learning objectives.

The research and development of our social, global learning approach is guided by the Development Education Research Centre at UCL’s Institute of Education, and the UCL Knowledge Lab’s EDUCATE Program.

“Inspiral Education enables an international network of students to learn together to develop their global competencies and build their sense of global citizenship”



Freedom of Expression is defined as the right to express one’s ideas and opinions freely through speech, writing, and other forms of communication such as art and music.

Our first program explores global, local, individual and historical perspectives on Freedom of Expression. Students work collaboratively in class and as part of global teams. Each week they focus on a different aspect of Freedom of Expression, including the Human Right to Expression, expression online, fake news and media bias, and examine the attitudes, policies and laws in their own and other countries. A range of online and in-class activities encourage students to express their own opinions, think critically and engage with perspectives different to their own.

Four week experiences

Two start dates

Two distinct programs, suitable for MYP 1-3 and MYP 4-5


From the earliest human migration out of East Africa through to the current flow of people into Europe, people embark on these journeys for many different reasons but what they share is a desire for a better life.

Over this challenging six-week program, students will explore what motivates migration, the social and economic benefits and challenges, and the laws that govern the movement of people. They will assess the facts and figures alongside real-life stories of young migrants and their families. Working together in class and in global teams, students will have the opportunity to engage with different perspectives through a series of interactive activities. They will look at historical and current situations, and consider the role of migration in their own lives and communities.

Six week experiences

Two start dates

Two distinct programs, suitable for MYP 1-3 and MYP 4-5


As a relatively recent form of intelligence, AI continues to impact our lives and change the world in ways that we previously couldn't imagine possible.

Using the different lenses of science, design, and language & literature, students will critically examine what is meant by artificial intelligence and how it connects to the relationship between human beings and machines. They will investigate the ethics behind the use and development of artificial intelligence and consider the potential dangers. Using literature, students will examine the ways in which scientific innovations in AI shape our representations of the future and help predict the impact on the future of humanity.

Six week experiences

Two start dates

Two distinct programs, suitable for MYP 1-3 and MYP 4-5

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